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Friday, August 10, 2012

The six adorable kittens who were stuffed into a backpack and dumped in an alleyway

By Daily Mail Reporter

..This heart-melting picture captures six adorable kittens who were stuffed into a backpack and discarded in an alleyway.

A couple scooped the seven-week-old kittens to safety while out walking their dogs in Alberta, Canada on Tuesday and alerted the nearby Edmonton Humane Society.

The cats were hungry, thirsty and a 'little bit nervous' but otherwise in good health, Humane Society peace officer Bronwyn Taylor said.

Discarded: These six adorable kittens were found crammed into this backpack in an alleyway in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada by a couple who were out walking their dogs

'[It] would be quite acceptable for them to be nervous when they've been sitting in a suitcase or backpack,' she told CBC. 'But they're starting to be socialized with staff and doing quite well.'

Gord Gerbrandt said he stumbled across the kittens when one came face-to-face with his dog after climbing out of a backpack that was pushed against a fence.

'I am pretty mad someone would dump them like that,' Gerbrandt told the Edmonton Sun. 'This makes me angry, since the humane society is close by.'

The charity said it has been one of the worst years for abandoned animals, with numbers almost double what they were at this time last year.

Looking for a home: Allyson McLean, pictured, from the Edmonton Humane Society, said the kittens were in good health and will be put up for adoption after they have put on weight and had vaccinations

'It's sad,' Taylor said. 'We are seeing a lot left behind in apartments or in houses where people have had to move out. And we are also seeing a lot that have been dumped around the city.'

The kittens will remain at the Humane Society until they reach a healthy weight and receive all their vaccinations. They also need to be micro chipped and neutered.



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