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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Meet the new Knut: Zoo crowds wowed by tragic polar bear’s sister who (whisper it) could be even cuter

By Allan Hall Cute as a button: Polar bear cub Anori explores her open-air enclosure at Wuppertal Zoo in Germany The half-sister of late celebrity polar bear Knut made her debut in Germany this week - and she may have even more star quality than him. Anori has the same father but a different mother to the troubled Knut who collapsed and died from a brain tumour aged just four a year ago. Unlike Knut, she was not abandoned at birth by her mother but appeared in public with her at Wuppertal Zoo. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO Little adventurer: Anori is dwarfed by a log as she struggles to clamber over it Anori was born on January 4 to Knut's dad Lars and his new mate Vilma. She ventured forth to the adoration of the camera clicking crowds on Thursday. She frolicked, she tumbled, she made spectators gasp with delight and zoo director Ulrich Schürer said; 'It all went really well.' But he aims to protect Anori from the kind of frenzy that consumed Knut and turned him into a publicity addict who was only happy when he was performing. According to zoo officials, Anori opened her eyes one month after the birth, and took her first steps after two months. Playtime: Anori frolics with her mother. The little bear was born January 4 and left the birth cave for the first time today Relentless energy: Vilma looks like she's having difficulty keeping up with her lively young cub Eskimo kiss! Anori gives Vilma a peck on the snout Where you going? Vilma casts a protective eye over her daughter as the little one uses her mother's body as an infant assault course Sleepy time: Anori cuddles up to Vilma - who looks as exhausted as any new mum On Thursday she could already be seen clambering carefully over small logs, of course always under the watchful eyes of her mother. Anori was one of two cubs born in the litter, but the second one died a week later. But while the crowds enjoyed the bear's confident show, Mr Schürer warned that the threats to the species must not be forgotten. Sniffing her way: Little Anori inspects a rock Peek-a-boo! Little Anori plays on a log as her mother looks on Learning about the world: Anori reaches out and touches a tree branch. Right, she sits beneath her mother's powerful frame Rest in peace: Anoria's late half-brother Knut, pictured left as a cub in 2007 and, right, aged three in 2010. Rejected by his mother at birth, Knut was raised by a handler at Berlin Zoo, Germany, and thanks to his super-cute looks became a worldwide sensation. He sadly passed away from a brain tumour last year, aged just four 'I hope that the people who will see it, will also remember that polar bears are an endangered species,' he said. 'If global warming continues, then there soon won't be any more polar bears because their livelihood will be destroyed.' Anori won't be markted like Knut - he brought in six million pounds for Berlin Zoo - and her exposure to the public will be limited during her formative months. source:dailymail


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