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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ice weather for ducks! Clumsy mallard's slapstick antics after spotting reflection of itself in frozen pond

By Daily Mail Reporter

This clumsy duck came over all of a flutter when he spotted a mirror image of himself reflecting back off the surface of the water.

He was so stunned by what he saw that he lost his balance, performed an impressive version of the splits and was sent sliding across the surface of the water.

German photographer Dr Udo Schlottmann was on hand to snap the startled duck trying to reach his lady on the other side of the pond near his home in Dortmund, Germany.

Double duck: This mallard came over all of a flutter when he spotted a mirror image of himself in a frozen pond

The icy surface of the pond formed a challenging runway for the mallard to make his way across the water.

Displaying a beautiful emerald head, the duck's first few steps were taken carefully and the shocked look on its face was enough to rustle a few feathers.

Udo, 68, took up photography eight years ago when he retired from his career as a doctor and was thrilled to be able to capture the funny moment when he was out for a lunch time stroll.

Steady: The duck performs an impressive version of the splits as he slides around on the frozen surface

Tentative steps: German photographer Dr Udo Schlottmann was on hand to snap the startled duck trying to reach his lady on the other side of the pond

He said: 'Just a few days before I took this photo, the whole pond was completely iced over so it would have been really funny trying to watch the mallard skate across the pond.

'He tried a few times to make it across to the other side but couldn't manage it.

'After he learnt how to keep his balance and got used to seeing his reflection, he finally made it to his lady on the other side of the water.'

One step at a time: The icy surface of the pond proved a real challenge for the unsteady bird


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cat feels better! Adorable video of kitten giving his feline friend the purrfect massage

By Daily Mail Reporter

Kneading those tiny paws in and out of a feline friend's backside, this adorable video captures a cat giving another cat a message.

Stretching out, the white and black cat flicks his tail with pleasure as his friend gets to work on his lower back, pushing every little claw into his thick coat.

The striped black and brown masseuse takes a few moments to turn and look at his friend's reaction to his efforts, before lazily sliding its paws toward his belly.

Scroll down for video

Pawwwwfect! An adorable video of a cat giving another cat a massage, kneading both tiny paws deep into his white coat, is making its rounds online to the delight of cat fans

Pensive work: The black and brown masseuse shows great care while working his tiny hands into his friend, putting special attention toward his lower back

As if to say 'no' to the changed direction, with a bat of his paw the white cat turns away, catching his surprised volunteer therapist off guard.

Lying back down, the striped kitten gets back to work even when a far off distraction pulls the white cat's attention away.

Just like humans, such kinds of kneading are good for the cat's muscles and joints according to cat experts.

It's also believed to strengthen bonds of love and trust between them.

Watch the video here:


Friday, November 23, 2012

Just a little p-p-p-peck on the head: Adorable baby penguin gets a kiss from mother

By Daily Mail Reporter

As they huddle together battling bitterly cold winds, a mother penguin reaches down and pecks her tiny fluffy chick on the head.

The adorable scene was captured by wildlife photographer Thorsten Milse on Snow Hill Island, Antarctica.

In another cute shot, the fluffy chick peers out from under his mothers' body - looking straight down the photographers lens.

Happy feet: The adorable baby penguin gets a kiss from mother

Loving kiss: Two emperor penguins peck their chick on the head in Snow Hill Island, Antarctica

The playful chick then scuttled off to dance around with friends on the ice.

The penguins - part of a huge emperor penguin clan - also huddled together to help shield their young from the bitter wind chills which can reach minus 76 degree Fahrenheit.

In the wild, Emperor Penguins typically live for 20 years, but some records indicate a maximum lifespan of around 40.

Happy feet: A group of emperor penguin chicks waddle along the ice in Snow Hill Island, Antarctica

Playful pair: Two emperor penguin chicks play on the ice in Snow Hill Island, Antarctica. The adorable scene was captured by photographer Thorsten Milse on Snow Hill Island, Antarctica

Hello world: An emperor penguin chick peers out from under his mother in Snow Hill Island

Time to play: The penguins waddles around on the ice

Emperor Penguins eat mainly crustaceans such as krill but also occasionally indulge in small fish and squid.

They were the stars of 2006 film Happy Feet which featured the birds.

They are excellent swimmers but on land they either shuffle along or slide about on their bellies.

Standing over a metre tall they are the largest in the family, but endure the worst breeding conditions of any bird.

Keeping warm: A playful pair peer out from under their parents

Close: The penguins - part of a huge emperor penguin clan - also huddled together to help shield their young from the bitter wind chills which can reach minus 76 degree Fahrenheit

In March they travel to nesting sites where there is strong competition between the females for a mate.

After a single egg is laid the females return to the sea for some nourishment, leaving the males to incubate the eggs.

The females return only when the chicks begin to hatch.


I pooped, I am disgusting! Badly behaved dogs named, shamed and made to wear a sign saying just what they did wrong

By Daily Mail Reporter

Chewing a chair leg, digging up a flowerbed and pooping on the carpet are just a few of the crimes which can incense dog owners.

But now their owners are getting their own back on their naughty pets by posting their pictures in a 'dogshaming' gallery on the internet.

The website has been flooded with pictures of cheeky dogs all accompanied by signs detailing their bad behaviour.

Scroll down for video

Guilty as charged: 'I wait for a door to be left open a crack, then I run for it. I've been to doggy school. I'm a cute idiot'

Causing mayhem: 'I chewed through the water meter, flooding the backyard!' and right 'I peed on the carpet...twice'

The gallery features everything from a pug that digs up gardens and has a tendency to bite to a mournful looking canine who ate swimming googles while his owner's back was turned.

Dogs with a habit of leaving their mess in unfortunate locations such as the carpet and the sofa seem most likely to incur the wrath of their owners, with bad toilet behaviour featuring heavily in the gallery of shame.

But it appears other crimes which cause frustration is when dogs chew objects which do not belong to them.

Sharing: 'I drink the baby's milk and eat the bottle too. But I love the baby!'

Character canine: 'I was zipped by Grandma and ran down the street because I'm Batdog and I never thought she'd catch me. I was wrong!'

Proud pooch: 'Mom- I checked the mail for you. Your masters arrived!! I'm so proud of you!! Love Kerby'

One naughty canine nibbled his owner's diploma certificate while another ate his owner's designer handbag.

Some of the playful pups clearly can not work out what is food and other items which became dinner include make-up brushes and shoes as well as a USB stick.

The breed does not seem to affect their behaviour - whether they are a tiny puppy or an overgrown older dog they still seem to put a paw out of line.

Some of the photos give a rough indication of the mayhem the dogs can cause - one caption reads: 'I turn the water on by myself when I'm thirsty, but refuse to learn to turn if off. I need a job to pay the water bill.'

Another one reads: 'I locked my mom out of the truck when she stopped for fuel on the way to the vet for my neuter.'

Only helping: 'I love to eat my mama's makeup brushes! (But I sure am cute!)'

Shameful behavior: 'I popped on the floor and then took it onto the couch to eat it. I am disgusting'

Butter wouldn't melt: ' I stole a soccer ball from a 2 year old and a beach' and 'I dug up the sprinkler'

Ooops: 'Mom and Dad found my "secret stash" under my dog bed, so embarrassing'

Trouble-makers: 'I ate my dads burrito foil and all - it was bigger than me. Burp!' and ' I locked my mom out of the truck when she stopped for fuel on the way to the vet for my neuter'

Hungry pet: 'I ate Dad's swim googles... 7 days before his big triathlon'

Innocent faces: 'As a present I made my Mom's USB card travel-szied. Love Avery. (Lucky I am so cute)' and right., ' I have expensive taste... I ate shoes'

Small but fatal: 'I like biting people' is the sign on this tiny dog's neck

Not a way to make friends: ''I tried to eat the turtles the first time we met'

Looking ashamed: 'I am a panty licker' and ' I peed in company's shoe'

Guilty: 'I like to eat grass in the backyard, then come inside and throw up on Mommy and Daddy's bed'

Admittance: 'I swear I thought it was just a fart!' and ' I don't let my mom and dad sit next to each other'

Not a welcome present: 'My mom stepped in my diarrhea!'

Double trouble: 'We dig' reads the sign as the pair look up at the camera innocently

Splish splash fun: 'I turn the water on by myself when I'm thirsty, but refuse to learn to turn if off. I need a job to pay the water bill'

VIDEO: Shame on me! Bad dogs confess their crimes


Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's not fair! Hilarious video experiment that shows how even monkeys go bananas over unequal pay

By Helen Pow

Even monkeys think unequal pay is the pits.

A fascinating experiment has revealed that primates go berserk when they don't get the same reward as their pals when they do the same job.

The hilarious 'Fairness Study' was uploaded to YouTube in May and has since gone viral, garnering more than 1.3 million views.


Angry: The monkey on the left goes berserk after noticing his pal is given grapes

Frans de Waal, a primatologist and Emory University professor, first conducted the experiment with Capuchin monkeys close to a decade ago but performed it again recently and taped the results.

In the study, two monkeys are asked to do a job - handing a lab worker a small rock - for which one was given a piece of cucumber and the other was given a grape.

The first time a monkey completes the required task he is recompensed with a small chunk of cucumber and eats it without a kerfuffle.

Happy: The first monkey eats the cucumber happily before seeing what the other monkey gets

Not happy: But when he sees his pal get grapes he starts banging the table angrily

But when he notices his pal getting a grape - obviously valuable currency among primates - for doing exactly the same task he goes mad.

He ditches his second chunk of cucumber at the scientist then pounds the table and rattles the walls of his cage in protest of the pay disparity.

Mr de Waal said if both monkeys get cucumber as a reward they are happy to repeat the task up to 25 times.

Frenzy: The monkey chucks the cucumber back at the scientist in protest

'But if you give one grapes, which is a far better food, then you create inequity between them,' Mr de Waal said.

'So, this is basically the Wall Street protest that you see here,' he added, referring to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Mr de Waal and his colleague, Sarah Brosnan, published their findings in the journal Nature in 2003. He said the study has now been repeated with dogs, birds and chimpanzees.

VIDEO: TED's clever experiment shows a monkey's reaction to unequal pay


Sunday, November 18, 2012

The paw-fect entrance: Dancing poodles dressed as ballerinas welcome visitors to the world's most bizarre pet show

By Daniel Miller

A pair of pampered poodles spring up on their hind legs to perform an awkward dance and welcome visitors to the world's wackiest pet show.

This is the three-day Pets Cultural Festival extravaganza in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province where everything you can imagine, and a lot you can't, is available for your four-legged friend.

China is now home to some of the most obsessed pet lovers in the world and owning a dog, especially an expensive rare breed, is a huge status symbol.

Scroll down for video

Paws for applause: Two poodles stand up on their hind legs to welcome visitors to the annual Pets Cultural Festival in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province

Devotion: China is now home to some of the most obsessed pet lovers in the world and owning a dog, especially an expensive rare breed, is a huge status symbol

The show's slogan is 'a mutual zone for pets and residents' but humans were clearly taking a back seat and letting their furry friends take centre stage.

Immaculately-groomed pooches, dressed in extraordinary outfits, sniffed out the very latest in designer pet accessories.

Among the items on sale was a bewildering array of dog clothes with something for every size and shape from the tiniest Chihuahua to the burliest St Bernard.

A golden retriever has a good sniff of a winner's trophy after being voted best in its class while the dancing poodles continue to strut their stuff

Fashion statements: Pet owners dote over their small dogs dolled up in a selection of outrageous outfits including doggie jeans and even a doggie Union Jack T-shirt

Pedigree chums: A pampered pooch tests out the latest in designer dog beds while its friends model the latest wacky fashions

The festival boasts eight zones inlucing a sports centre, make-up street, movie room, pets club, knowledge site, clinic and even a pets theme park with its own ‘water world'.

Visitors can wonder at more than 40 types of small animals from all over the world at the 'rare animal show' while a cute puppy competition drew the crowds at the sports centre.

With a huge amount of pride at stake - impartial referees were brought in from Hong Kong to judge the fittest and the most beautiful dog.

The organisers held a series of several panel discussion and lectures to educate both pets owners and non-pet owning residents.

As an example of just how obsessed some rich Chinese people have become with pets, last year a coal baron splashed out an astonishing £1million on what is believed to be the worlds most expensive dog - a rare red Tibetan Mastiff.

VIDEO: Barking. ChinaNews capture the unusual dog show on camera...


Saturday, November 10, 2012

All creatures great and small: Heart-warming collection of snaps showcases Britain's wildlife at its best from a jackdaw whispering in a deer's ear to a piglet sheltering from the rain under an umbrella

By Daily Mail Reporter

These stunning pictures depict the best of Britain's wondrous wildlife - from a wide-eyed piglet hiding under an umbrella to escape the rain to a hedgehog in a pile of autumn leaves making preparations for the winter.

A striking photograph of a fluffy yellow ducking nuzzling up to a baby goat is sure to melt even the hardest of hearts melt while the sight of thousands of starlings soaring over Somerset is simply breathtaking.

The images have all been taken by photographer Richard Austin and feature in his 2013 calendar Animal Magic.

Richard has been snapping animals professionally for more than a quarter of century and his photographs have appeared on the front pages of every UK national newspaper.

His love of animals and wildlife photography has received international recognition having previously been published in calendars in the USA and Canada.

His photographs of animals resulted in his own six part TV series called ‘Richard Austin’s Animal Magic’ which went on to win the Royal Television Society’s Regional family entertainment programme of the year in 2007. He has also published five books under the titles of ‘Richard Austin’s Animal Magic.’

This beautiful image captures the moment a piglet sensibly takes shelter under a brightly-coloured umbrella to escape a downpour

On the lookout: In Great Britain and Ireland, the number of Red Squirrels has decreased drastically in recent years, in part because of the introduction of the eastern grey squirrel

No ugly ducklings here just extremely cute bundles of yellow fluff

The wondrous sight of a black-headed gull swooping into land with the early evening light creating a reflection in the water

A tiny dormouse delicately balances on a thin branch as it tucks into some blackberries

A Jackdaw appears to be whispering in the ear of a majestic Red Deer stag while a second one stands at the rear of the animal

A Little Egret perches on its spindly legs as the recognisable orange and yellow hues of autumn reflect off the surface of the water

A hedgehog nestles in the fallen leaves as it makes its preparations for the winter months

What a cracker: A smartly dressed beige-coloured miniature piglet gets in the Christmas spirit

Photographer Richard Austin chose this photo of a pink-beaked fluffy duckling perching on a branch as the cover for next year's calendar

A goat kid nuzzles up to a duckling to create an incredibly cute scene

The starlings are back on the Somerset Levels roosting overnight in the reed beds. Here they were near Glastonbury Tor bedding down for the night

The flock of starlings will grow larger as more birds are driven across to the UK from Russia

More starlings on the Somerset Levels. Richard Austin has been a Professional photographer for more than a quarter of a century

A animal wanders through a field in the foreground as thousands of starlings take to the skies in the South West of England

It looks like a blanket of white as Mute Swans at the abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset mingle in the sun


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