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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Freedom doesn't come free! Chihuahua puppy's determined (and hilarious) bid to muscle up to cage bars is caught on camera

By Daily Mail Reporter

Any wretched soul who is innocently or unjustly put behind bars will tell you that their hope is constantly nourished by the dream of escape.

Little boys for decades have been inspired by breathtaking stories of brave Second World War servicemen ingeniously finding their way out of POW camps - and many of these sensational exploits have been turned into larger-than-life films.

But, not even in the wildest of dreams of a Hollywood director, has anyone thought of just muscling up to the bars and forcing their way through. Surely it would take superhuman strength.

Hello, what's this then: After a bit of sniffing about, the incarcerated Chihuahua puppy notices a gap in his enclosure. Almost immediately, the idea of escape forms

Initial success: After getting his head and unfeasibly large ears through the gap, our hero must be thinking that the rest is a walk in the park (his favourite thing). Even his cellmate seems to be taking an interest

Or perhaps just the sheer determination of a Chihuahua puppy.

A hilarious video posted on YouTube shows exactly that, a tiny Chihuahua taking on a permanent-looking set of bars and - after what seems like an eternity - proving that mind can triumph over matter.

The video, posted by the animal-loving Petsami, starts with the unidentified dog in an unidentified country eying up a small gap in the latticed bars that keep him and his larger cellmate from freedom.

With his tail betraying his excitement for escape, the white-and-tan puppy starts his cunning plan: that is, to simply force his tiny body through the even tinier opening.

Feeling the strain: The puppy realises that escape may take more than just the desire to do so. With his little ribs straining with the exertion, his cellmate is sensing an opportunity

Go on my son: Suddenly the cellmate is VERY interested in our hero's exertions as his bid to free himself from his new 'prison' is actually loosening the bars

After some squeezing and squinting the puppy gains some initial success by managing to get its head (and its unfeasibly large ears) through the gap.

Then comes an excruciating attempt to get the rest of his body through the opening - his paws straining against the bottom of the barrier as he manages to get his shoulders through and then a couple of ribs.

So far, no problem with the guards.

But disaster soon strikes when the puppy finds that - try as he might - his skeleton will simply not compress through the narrow opening, and he is literally caught in a tight spot. He can't go any further forward, and he can't go back.

Sorry I can't stay: As the intrepid puppy looks on - a massive metal barrier now acting as a most unflattering necklace - his opportunistic chum hits the road without even a 'by your leave'

Oh the ignominy: After all that work to free himself from his prison, the little jailbird ends up in the worst possible position. Thankfully it doesn't last long

So begins the show of brute strength that has made the Chihuahua feared throughout the animal kingdom.

The would-be escapee thrashes and kicks, writhes and licks his lips (apparently an integral part of his plan) until the entire enclosure comes free from the wall and allows a gap for his escape.

Unfortunately, the crafty inmate has a new problem - the entire front of his prison cell is between his second and third rib - with no evidence that it is going to come loose any time soon.

The little pooch's plight means nothing to his opportunistic cellmate, who take the opportunity to leg it.

Our hero is now left with a rather cumbersome necklace and not emotional support.
For the first time, panic seems to wash over the Chihuahua as he frantically tries to free himself from his new and uncomfortable prison.

Free at last: The Chihuahua puppy finally springs free from the gap in the barrier - having come the way he came - and now its a matter of what to do with his new-found freedom

I'll hunt you down... like a dog! Our hero doesn't quite know what do do at first, and then he remembers that he has a score to settle with the cellmate who left him high and dry

But his hysterical attempts only end up in the bars toppling over and his tale pointing skyward as his head is pressed into the ground.

Mercifully, the unflattering position only lasts a second or two before the Chihuahua's head pops out from the narrow opening and his new life on the lamb is ready to begin.

Incredibly, after all his industry in his bid to escape, the Chihuahua doesn't seem to know what to do with his new-found freedom.

Finally, he realises the gravity of his situation and takes off... until dinner time, at least.



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