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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

These playful bear cubs are having a tree-mendous time in the woods


These brown bear cubs - thought to be less than one year old - wreaked havoc in the middle of Taiga Forest, Finland

These cubs - thought to be less than a year old - danced, fought and climbed trees as they built up their much needed strength in Taiga Forest, Finland.

The fluffy brown bear cubs were photographed by British photographer Jules Cox who pictured them from just a few feet away.

He said their antics were 'hilarious'.

Cox hid in a small wooden hide and only managed five hours sleep over five days as so many bears passed his hiding place.

The photographer, 40, from Bermondsey, London, said: 'I was very lucky to have three mothers with very young cubs.

'The stars of the shoot are two first year cubs, who delighted me with their antics. They didn't stand much for than a foot-high.

Bear knuckle fighting: These two fluffy brown bear cubs play fight each other as the photographer watched from just a few feet away

I nicknamed them the 'ASBO twins' as they were like a pair of teenage, happyslapping, hoodies - leaving a wave of destruction in their wake.

'They were a whirlwind of energy and seemed to spend all of their time play fighting, climbing trees or digging up roots and vegetation.

Young cubs spend most of their time play fighting, climbing trees or digging up roots and vegetation

The bear cubs entertain themselves as their mother looks on

source: dailymail


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