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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New kid on the block: Meet Cocoa the goat, who just loves her life in the Big Apple

By Eddie Wrenn It is a story we have seen countless times before. A young kid moves to the Big Apple, learning how to deal with the bustling pavements and crowds, occasionally pining for the countryside life she left behind, before falling in love with her new home. Only this time, the kid is a goat. Cocoa spends some of her time at her cottage in New Jersey with her owner Cyrus Fakroddin, but she craves the hustle and bustle of New York. The bright lights of Times Square: For Cocoa (the goat) and Cyrus, this is far from a walk in the park ...But Cocoa the goat loves the urban life - and even at home, would rather hang with the humans than eat in the fields Owner Cyrus said: 'Cocoa doesn't even know she is a goat and you see that in her, but she loves hanging out with people.' And living just 25 miles outside of the city allows this kid to enjoy the best of both worlds. So on a sunny Spring Saturday, Cocoa hooves it into the city with Cyrus, usually stopping at Central Park, where she sprawls on a rock while Cyrus plays the harmonica. Everywhere she goes, Cocoa becomes an instant hit with city dwellers and tourists. Cyrus said: 'Like with us, she's got all this stuff to eat, but what she really wants to do is sit here, hang out with us. 'She doesn't want to go graze or anything. Any other goat would be, "I'm out of here" and they're there, but not her. 'She doesn't like goats. She doesn't like farms. She likes the people in the city. Strange goat, but I like her.' Commuting time: There's something strange on the platform, but to Cocoa this is just a typical day out Making friends: Cocoa is totally unperturbed by the underground experience - although quite what the station staff think is unknown 'My mom...she passed away just recently and one thing that she said was, you know, if you can put a smile on somebody's face, even a smile is charity. 'So I think of her all the time when I take her out cause she causes that. She gives that to people. It's great.' After a visit to the park, Cocoa has worked up an appetite, so it's time to take the subway for some Italian in Little Italy. She's certainly a fan of pizza, but prefers a good paper napkin for an afternoon snack. Not something you see every day: Dogs in New York must be pretty used to unusual sites, but this one really got their goat Sheepishly crossing the road, Cocoa leaves the dogs to find something to eat ...And the pair find a nice little bistro to stop and reflect on their Big Apple adventure Comfortably full, Cocoa moves on to the bright lights of Times Square where she's met with adoring fans. 'If this is really his pet, why not? It doesn't hurt,' said Valeria Castelli, a tourist visiting from Italy who doesn't mind the idea of keeping a goat as a pet. But not everyone thinks that the city an appropriate place for Cocoa to be wandering about. 'Well, I think no goats in the city,' said Barb Esquivel, a tourist from Michigan. 'Unless the goat is playing on Broadway.' After a long day of roaming the city streets, this star needs a break from the bright lights and attention. Cocoa drifts off to sleep with Fakroddin's jacket over her face, as she dreams of her next adventure. Kid in the City: See Cocoa's Big Apple adventure here: source:dailymail


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