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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One cool cat brrrrrrglar: Hilarious video shows Siamese puss perform acrobatic stunt to open freezer and get fish sticks

By Amy Oliver Ready for his debut: Oscar the cat's owner introduces him as a 'super sneak' before filming the fur ball perform his latest trick - opening the freezer door to steal fish sticks Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and Angelina Jolie are well known for performing their own stunts. But they 'aint got nothing on Oscar the cat, who has learned how to open the freezer door with a series of acrobatic moves. Unlike the three Hollywood stars, this super sleuth - or super sneak, as his little blonde owner calls him on YouTube - has only one mission: to get the frozen fish sticks. Scroll down for video Here goes: The smart Siamese shimmies up the fridge door, gripping onto its handle He starts by shimmying up the big American fridge's door, gripping its handle with both paws. After taking a breath, Oscar then wraps both paws around the handle of the freezer door. In a stroke of genius, the plucky feline then uses his body weight and hind legs to swing the freezer door open. And in a move that will no doubt infuriate the fridge-freezer's owner, he then sinks his claws into the rubber door seal before swinging from the door in mid air. After letting go and dropping to the floor, all Oscar needs to do is repeat the first step of jumping up before he's happily tucking into an illicit frozen meal. Mission complete. Super sneak: He then wraps both paws around the freezer door handle before pushing off with his hind legs ...And da-dah! He's done it: After plunging his claws into the door seal, he swings it open before dropping down to the floor and jumping up to the prize source:dailymail


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