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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hanging around: Tree frog has a go at some pull-ups as he leaps out of algae covered pond

By Daily Mail Reporter

Hanging out: This frog is was pictured attempting to do some chin ups during the spawning season

This frog is adamant he won't croak it - as he attempts to do some pull-ups.

The bizarre moment was spotted by German snapper Heinz Buls as he photographed Tree frogs during the spawning season.

The frog leapt out of the algae covered water to grab hold of the branch perched just above the water line - before hanging there for a few moments.

But the creature couldn't even manage one as he gave up and flopped back into the water.

The stunning shot was captured as Heinz sat on the banks of a river flowing through Illertal, in Bayern, Germany.

The 60-year-old teacher said: 'I was photographing other frogs during the spawning season and suddenly noticed this rare situation.

Cooling off: The stunning shots was captured as Heinz Bulz sat on the banks of a river flowing through Illertal, in Bayern, Germany

'This tree frog climbed on to the stick and hanged there for a couple of seconds.

'I only had enough time to make this single shot.'

The amateur photographer, who has been taking wildlife pictures for over 30 years, added: 'I am not sure why this frog climbed the stick.

'But a couple of seconds afterwards a snake appeared right near to the spot the frog had leaped from.

'So I think it was probably trying to escape from the snake this way.

'These frogs are said to be good climbers but I've never in my long wildlife photography career seen anything like this before.'



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