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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cow walks into a shop to browse the aisles: Amazing pictures of runaway Laura wandering around store

By Daily Mail Reporter

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Great escape: Laura the cow strolls through the shop in Austria after breaking loose from her owner

Laura the cow may be a 'plus size' girl, but that won't stop her from indulging a good bit of retail therapy, as these amazing pictures show.

CCTV footage taken from a store in the mountain town of Serfaus Tyrol, Austria, show the Bovine belle browsing the aisles in search of a good bargain.

It is thought she has escaped from her owner close to the shop before deciding to go for a moo-ch in the nearby store.

Fugitive fashionista: Laura browses the aisles for a bargain

Evidently the fugitive fashionista wasn't impressed by this seasons collection, she made a quick dash for the door after a lap of the store and Laura was promptly returned to the farm without a single shopping bag.

Another cow Yvonne - who was dubbed the Scarlet Pimpernel of the bovine world - was recently caught after 98 days on the run.

Yvonne escaped after she broke out of a farmyard in Zangberg, Germany, days before she was due to be slaughtered.

She spent more than three months grazing fields and even became nocturnal after making friends with a herd of deer.

A German newspaper offered a £9,500 reward for Yvonne's safe return and she was caught by a local farmer after she tried to make friends with his cows.

She is now safe at the Aiderbichi sanctuary at Deggendorf where she will live out her days with her sister Waltraud and her son Frieslt.

Empty-handed: Laura was caught before she was able to make any purchases



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