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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello kitties! The fashion felines who will make your hair stand on end


Fashion Cats features designer Takako Iwasa's cats Princess Prin and Prince Kotaro in a number of spectacular outfits

These fashionable felines are hot to trot - as they model a series of incredible kitty outfits.

The costumes include frilly boots, jackets, hats and even wigs and feature in a brand new book called Fashion Cats.

The moggies also don spectacular period dress and even a Harry Potter Hogwart's uniform.

Takako began dressing her cats for fun but now runs an online store selling kitty fashions

The book is the brainchild of Japanese designer Takako Iwasa, who got the idea for a feline range after dressing up her pet cats Princess Prin and Prince Kotaro.

She said: 'Costumes for dogs have been popular for 20 years - but we didn't have costumes for cats because we believe cats groom themselves and don't like clothes.

'But I met my cat, Prin, and suddenly thought "I want to dress her up".

'Without costumes she is just an ordinary cat but when she wears costumes she looks so amazing, completely out of this world.

'It started as fun but I soon opened an online store and it grew from there. A lot of people were interested - the demand was huge.'

Takako decks her cats in over sixty purrfect outfits in the book including wedding veils and elephant costumes.

Takako added: 'They really enjoy getting dressed up. It's just like a big family photo for me so I am pleased other people can share in the joy.

'They are like fashion chameleons dressing like frogs, bunnies, Victorian school marms and Parisian ladies - you name it.

'After taking the picture I always give them a big hug and say thank you.'
Fashion Cats by Takako Iwasa. Published by VICE Books and distributed by powerHouse books

source: dailymail


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