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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Must be the Lynx effect: Predator left sopping wet after lucky duck makes a quick getaway


On the prowl: The wildcat creeps up on the unsuspecting duck, who's bobbing along with his pals in an Alaskan pond

This bird nearly became duck soup when a sneaky predator made a swipe for it.

When a wildcat spotted the fat duck bobbing about with his pals on a pond he thought it would be an opportunity for an easy takeaway.

After creeping carefully through the long grass, and sure that the bird was oblivious, the feline took his chance.

Flap for freedom: The lynx pounces but, sensing danger, the duck begins to take flight

But this duck wasn't daffy. He made a life-saving flap for freedom and, after a brief chase, managed to avoid his hungry hunter.

The sorry-for-himself mog, meanwhile, was left dripping wet, and was forced to make other plans for dinner.

Duck tales: Despite his leaps and bounds, the cat can't keep up with the water bird

Photographer Anthony C. Gibson captured the dramatic scene in Alaska's Denali National Park. He explains: 'The park is covered with knee-high vegetation so the chances of ever spotting a lynx is near zero.

'Small little ponds are everywhere on the tundra, and we found this lynx stalking around one near the main road late in the afternoon.'

Harumph! Mog is left revising his dinner plans

source: dailymail


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