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Thursday, September 13, 2012

That's one cool cat! Laid-back feline happy to relax in park as it leans over bars

By Sarah Johnson

While many of us complain about not having enough time to relax, this cat has clearly got the right idea.

With seemingly not a care in the world, it sits peacefully in a quiet park half dozing, half watching the world go by.

But there is something special about the way it sits with its chin resting on its paws which are up on the rail.


This is the life: The cat sits watching the world go by with not a care in the world

The cat sits peacefully taking in the view and watching the sunset in a quiet park

A passerby managed to capture the magical moment on video.

They said the breezy feline was casually watching the sunset in the park when they strolled by.

And, the cat was obviously there for a while, enjoying the view.

The trending video, which lasts 38 seconds and was posted on MSN, cuts out and then back to a new frame, indicating that the furry creature was taking some time out and in no rush to get back to the real world.

The tabby cat sitting with its white stomach on show, completely ignores the people making a fuss and filming it.

Chillaxing: The furry feline remains oblivious to the passerby who captures the magical moment on video

Taking a catnap: The cool cat gets some shuteye and rests its chin on its paws
Instead, the cool cat does not move from its position.

It sits contemplating life and taking in the sunset before almost completely shutting its eyes for a nap.




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