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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mudd the bouncing bulldog: Hilarious video shows mischievous mutt jumping on a trampoline

By Jill Reilly After a lifetime of walking on solid ground, Mudd the bulldog could be forgiven for not taking to a trampoline, but as this amusing video shows, he grabbed the chance to showcase his acrobatic skills. In the 1.23 minute clip, which has become an instant hit online, Mudd is lifted on to the trampoline by his owner. As soon as his paws hit the sprung floor, he bounces up and down in excitement, turning in quick circles. Scroll down for video

Bouncing bulldog: Mudd does a backflip on the trampoline
Keep following me: Mudd pauses to check his owner is still videotaping his trampoline antics
Springing fun: Mudd bounces on to his side before jumping straight back up It looks like this may not be his debut on a trampoline as the mischievous mutt then attempts some impressive moves. He does a speedy side flip as well as a back-flip, each time springing up quickly from the material. Mudd then begins to pick up pace as he launches himself at the floor beneath him, yelping in enjoyment.
Taking off: Mudd launches himself through the air
Action dog: Even when he ended up at odd angles Mudd did not seem perturbed
Ready to play: Mudd is lifted up to reach the trampoline He then performs somersaults through the air, all the time barking loudly. At some points, he pauses briefly with his tongue hanging out and then dives at the floor, ready to spring back into place. The video has attracted hundreds of comments on YouTube. DGCSCO wrote: 'THAT is one happy dog! That was also the funniest thing I've ever seen a dog do! Great dog you have there!!' While another user JamesyB wrote: 'He looks like he is absolutely loving that - what fun!' VIDEO: Presenting Mudd the bouncing bulldog... source:dailymail


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