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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Heartwarming moment dog is reunited with family FOUR YEARS after she went missing in America

By Daily Mail Reporter

A family has been reunited with their dog nearly four years after she vanished thanks to a microchip - and the kindness of a stranger.

The Metcalf family, from Raleigh, North Carolina, thought they would never see their beloved pet, nine-year-old Cassie, again after she wandered off while staying with another relative.

Although they have no idea where she spent the last few years, what they do know is she wandered into the neighbourhood of Cheryl Smith two weeks ago.

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Who's that? Brandy Metcalf leans down to her dog Cassie after nearly four years apart

I remember! Cassie, who vanished while staying with a relative, walks to her owner to say hello

The concerned resident of Gaston County, which is more than 190 miles from Raleigh, noted the dog did not have any collar or identifying tags - but she refused to take her to a shelter.

Instead, she took Cassie to numerous veterinarians in the hope one would have records for her and lead them to her owner.

They discovered she was micro-chipped and, although the Metcalf family had changed their address, managed to track them down in Raleigh with the help of the Gaston County animal shelter.

'I felt like if it was my dog I would want someone to do that for me,' Smith told WBTV.
She called the family to say they had found the dog - and found Cassie's previous owners in shock.

It is you! The dog ended up more 190 miles away - but no one knows where she has been in that time

Back with the family: The Metcalfs made a fuss of their dog - and warned her she has new fellow pets at home

'The wife could not even speak because she was in tears,' Smith said. 'She handed the phone to her husband.'

A few days later, the family drove to collect their beloved pet, emotional that they would finally be reunited with the dog they had had since she was a puppy.

While Cassie looked apprehensive at first, she soon recognised her old family, pouncing all over them and licking their faces.

'Oh my gosh this is the best day of our lives,' said Brandy Metcalf, adding that their dog is a little slimmer and slower, but definitely still the same family pet they remember.

Missed: They show off pictures of a younger Cassie, who joined the family when she was just a puppy

Savior: Cassie was found by Cheryl Smith, pictured, who took her to the vets and discovered she had been microchipped. With the help of a local dog shelter, she tracked down the family

'Ms. Smith is just a saint. I can't even explain what they've done for us. We are thrilled and grateful and in debt to them.'

Her husband David added: 'I only wish I could see it through her eyes to find out what she experienced. This reminds me of a Disney movie.'

The family said they were relieved they had micro-chipped their dog, but added it is important to keep the information updated to make reunions more speedy.

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