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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The pocket-sized puppy: Britain’s smallest dog Mini born weighing just 1.3oz and is so tiny she can sit on top of an iPhone

By Emma Clark

A little puppy born so small that her owner feared she wouldn’t survive is believed to be Britain’s smallest dog.

Mini, a Yorkshire terrier Chihuahua-cross, weighed no more than an egg and just 1.3ounces at birth – overshadowed by her brothers and sisters who are at least three times her size.

Her owner, Emma Williams, was so worried the cute puppy wouldn’t live for more than a few days that she began a dedicated feeding regime in a desperate bid to raise her weight.

Mini was so small she could comfortably fit on a iPhone when she was born, weighing just 1.3 ounces

As well as Mini feeding from her mother, Emma gives her a milk formula every two hours through a tube to boost her chances of survival.

Now one week-old, the tiny dog has reached 1.9 ounces, allowing her to rejoin her siblings.

The average weight for a puppy of this type is 4.5 ounces and they can weigh up to 15 pounds when fully grown.

Emma, 29, a senior accounts manager from Sandbanks in Dorset, is planning to sell the litter of seven when she is satisfied that they are all healthy.

She said: ‘Mini was the second puppy to be born so at first I thought she was a normal size and the other was big and chunky.

‘But as the others came out it became apparent she was so dinky, I couldn’t believe it when I saw just how small she was, the others were at least three times her size.

‘It was a surprise because her parents Bella and Bodie aren’t small for their breed, but then it’s all new to me as I’ve not had a dog that has had puppies before.

The little puppy rest on one of her normal-sized siblings, who is around three times bigger than her

Owner Emma Williams believes little Mini, a Yorkshire terrier Chihuahua-cross, is the smallest dog in Britain

‘I took her to the vets and they hadn’t come across a puppy so small, and when I researched online I couldn’t find one either.

‘At first I wasn’t sure if she would make it because she is so small and she kept being pushed out of the way by the others, but she’s a strong little thing.

‘Mini is feeding from her mother but I also give her formula milk every two hours via a little tube, it’s like having a baby.

‘The others now weigh eight ounces and put on about an ounce a day, but Mini is putting on just 0.1 ounces.

‘I’ve got her up to 1.9 ounces now and she’s doing really well, but I would love to know if she is the smallest dog in Britain.

‘The vet thinks she will only be about 1.5 pounds when she is fully grown.’



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