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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bad boy! Pet owners share their frustration with their pesky pooches in 'dogshaming' craze . . . and cats come in for scorn too

By Kerry Mcdermott

..Owning a pet dog has always had its downsides.

Teeth marks on shoes and accidents on the kitchen floor are just some of the bad habits owners are willing to overlook in light of the endless affection, loyalty and playfulness provided by a pet pooch.

But now owners are getting their own back on their naughty pets by posting their pictures in a 'dogshaming' gallery on the internet.

Playful: This dog's habit of chewing carpets earned it a place on the 'name and shame your dog' site

The Tumblr site has been flooded with pictures of mischievous dogs all accompanied by signs detailing their bad behaviour.

The gallery features everything from a pug that digs up gardens and has a tendency to bite to a mournful looking canine who ate a whole stick of butter while his owner's back was turned.

Dogs with a habit of leaving their mess in unfortunate locations seem most likely to incur the wrath of their owners, with bad toilet behaviour featuring heavily in the gallery of shame.

It's not just naughty dogs who have had their high jinks posted online for all to see - cat owners are getting in on the act too.

One sleepy-eyed feline is pictured next to a sign that reads: 'I ate all the string cheese'.

Another exasperated owner has posted a photo of their pet with a sign that says simply: 'I was a bad dog - again.'

Shamed: The owner of this pug revealed its penchant for digging up gardens and biting

Bad habits: Dog owners photograph their naughty pets with signs outlining their bad behaviour

Surprise: This dog left an unpleasant treat for its owner in the couch

Forbidden food: According to the sign this greedy canine ate his owner's mobile phone

Puppy-dog eyes: This pooch, left, is not a fan of strangers. The owner of a sad-eyed alsatian, right, joked that their pet is on 'doggy prozac'

Big dog: This dog has an unfortunate means of keeping her fellow pet in line

Pilfering: Apparently nothing is safe from this pooch - not even cash

Living in harmony: Cats are also featured in the online gallery of shame

Appetite: This cute canine was a victim of his own greed - and so was his owner

Guilty: This pooch was shamed for ignoring its owner

Innocent: The innocent expression on this poodle's face hides an unpleasant habit

Insatiable: No amount of kibble will satisfy this hound's insatiable appetite

Hidden surprise: It's little wonder this dog's owner chose to shame their pet on the internet

Dog mess: The owner of this beagle, left, found a creative use for the mess left by their dog, while another owner went into more detail about his pet's bad habits, right

Attention seeker: This cute pup won't stand for being ignored

Your dinner's in the dog: Anything goes when it comes to this pooch's diet

Destructive: This tiny dog has a lot to answer for

Bad manners: The grumpy looking dog in this picture has an unfortunate trait

Hangdog expression: Unpleasant toilet habits are a common theme in the gallery of shame

Playful: This pooch enjoys chewing up toilet paper tubes

Scorn: Pet owners mock their dogs on the Tumblr site

Scaredy-dog: This retriever fails to live up to its name, according to its owner

Hungry: Apparently this husky will eat anything it can get its paws on

No pet is safe: As well as troublesome dogs, left, cats also pop up on the gallery of shame, right

Another fine mess: This dog's owner let the sign do the talking
VIDEO: Dog shaming! Our compilation of some of the greatest 'confessions'...

source: dailymail


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