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Sunday, April 29, 2012

That's some welcome home! Adorable video shows the gleeful reunion of a lovesick dog and his soldier owner after he returns from combat in Afghanistan

By Daily Mail Reporter

Just another day in the yard: Ranger and a man play fetch with his favourite toy

This heartwarming video shows the moment a dog is reunited with his military master, having returned from service in Afghanistan.

The footage captures Ranger, a German Shepherd, and a man playing fetch with the pooch's favourite toy, Green Monster.

He happily bounds around the yard after the toy but gets an unexpected surprise when he chases a particularly far throw and returns to find his owner back from deployment.

Go fetch! Ranger bounds off after his Green Monster toy which is thrown beyond the tree

Ranger immediately switches his course, originally bound for the ball-thrower, to smother the soldier in pup-love.

He wags his tail frantically circling round and round the soldier who is crouched on the floor, pausing every so often for a quick hug, then continuing to check out his old pal from every angle.

Ranger barks excitedly, letting the soldier know how much he has missed him.

Surprise: When Ranger returns with the toy there is an unexpected visitor waiting for him

See ya! Ranger makes a snap decision to ignore the ball thrower and heads straight for his owner

Overwhelmed: Ranger circles round and round the soldier, visibly thrilled by his return

'Where you been, where you been buddy?' the soldier asks affectionately, ruffling the dog's fur and wrapping his arms around him.

Ranger is so overwhelmed he forgets to drop 'Green Monster' but eventually barks with such force that his jaws open and the beloved toy falls to the ground.

The pooch turns his full attention to the soldier, showing that a dog really is a man's best friend.

The video is one of many touching videos posted onto the military homecoming blog and has attracted 362,516 hits on YouTube.

Touching: The soldier embraces his old pal in a huge hug, but Ranger doesn't stay still for long - he's too excited!

Look who's back! Ranger clearly wants to show off the soldier's return, looking around eagerly for acknowledgement

Sacrifice: Eventually Ranger drops his toy - the soldier is far more important to him



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