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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Now that's emusing! Hungry bird on the lookout for a snack photobombs couple on farm visit

By Jane Bunce

Sloths do it, seals do it – and now the worldwide craze of animal photobombing has spread all the way to giant Australian native birds.

A hungry emu has photobombed a holidaying couple after they stopped feeding it to pay attention to other animals on the farm they were visiting.

The emu, a flightless bird, was not ready to give up on its meal when the man and his wife instead moved on to pat a llama.

Photobombed: The smiling couple pose for the camera, but the hungry emu has his eye on more treats

The emu popped its head into the photo in an apparent bid to seek out another snack.

The emu is the second largest bird in the world, after the ostrich, reaching up to two metres in height. In the wild they normally eat plants and insects.

The sloth gatecrashes a group's holiday snap in the Costa Rica jungle

'This photo is at a farm with a lot of animals including the emu you see here. We had been feeding it crackers, and it wasn't shy about trying to see if we had any more,' a writer, who claims to be the man in the photo, comments on the website Reddit.

It just happened to stick its face in front of the camera at the right time!'

P-p-p-please don't spoil it: A cheeky seal steals the limelight in an unidentified location

The emu is just the latest in a line of animals who have been caught photobombing – ruining someone’s photo by jumping into the shot.

In Costa Rica, a sloth lowered himself into the frame just as an International Student Volunteers expedition snapped a group shot.

Cheese: A slightly chilling llama looks directly into the camera at Machu Picchu

A seal was determined to grab the attention from a flock of penguins by waddling into the photo, while - in a photo entered into National Geographic's photo contest last yea - a cheeky llama steals the spotlight in what was supposed to be a landscape photograph of Macchu Picchu in Peru.



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