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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Horrific pictures of man dragging his horse from the back of his pick-up truck after it 'escaped to romance the neighboring males'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Fighting back: Annie the Arabian mare was being pulled by her owner's car as he tried to bring her back to their Connecticut farm

An elderly Connecticut author is under investigation after being caught on tape as he dragged his horse from the back of his car.

Culver Modisette, 86, was bringing his horse back as it was had wandered off to 'romance' neighboring horses while in heat.

Annie, the pure bred Arabian mare, went loose on Sunday morning from its barn in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.


Hurt: The horse eventually fell and the owner got out to walk it back to their property, though she only sustained minor injuries on her leg

Mr Modisette said that the horse was making advances at her male neighbor horses and he used an unusual and rather cruel tactic to get her back.

He put a nylon rope around the horse's neck and attached it to the back of his red pick-up truck.

'What else was I going to do?' Mr Modisette told WFSB.

'I've got to bring her down, I can't leave her up there.'

He said that while he did keep the car in neutral, the horse did fall at one point.

She was not dragged on her side, but she was upright most of the time, though was putting up a strong fight.

Unwilling: The horse clearly did not like being pulled by the truck

Slow: The owner said that the car was in neutral and he was not using the gas

'I was trying to get her down in her stable for her breakfast and apples and so forth. No malicious intent,' he said.

His neighbor Helen Kelley was the one to spot the incident and she took pictures of the horse tied up with the rope.

She screamed out for him to stop when the horse fell and he didn't seem to notice.

Though he may not have noticed the horse on the ground, he did hear Ms Kelley's screams and he stopped the car and walked the horse the rest of the way home.

In the end, the horse only suffered a few scrapes on her legs which were later treated by her veterinarian.




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