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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

May the cutest win! Adorable video shows baby monkey locked in playfight with competitive kitten

By Emma Reynolds

Missed by a whisker! The tiny animals look almost perfectly matched as they chase each other over the grass beside the River Nile in Uganda

This adorable video shows a cute kitten and a baby monkey locked in a fierce but friendly playfight.

The tiny animals look almost perfectly matched as they chase each other over the grass beside the River Nile in Uganda, in front of a group of enchanted onlookers.

Both make the occasional unsteady swipe, with the plucky kitten even trying to climb up some railings to reach its agile opponent.

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Crazy cat: The frolicking feline even tries to reach up to get the monkey as it darts up on to a metal rail

Stand-off: The young animals circle each warily as they fight to be considered the bravest

The hilarious footage shows each taking the competition rather seriously, both circling warily and chasing the other one's tail.

'Monkey's not that fast on flat ground,' observes one intrigued spectator, before chuckling as the kitten tumbles over.

At one point the furry feline almost takes on a dog, tapping the much larger animal on the nose as a voice comments: 'Ginger's getting involved now!'

Later, the minuscule monkey falls on to its back as the cute kitten bats it with a paw.

Giant leap: The monkey takes a huge jump towards the nervous-looking kitten

Softly softly: The cheeky monkey tries the catch the wily cat, but to no avail

This is personal: For a moment, it looks as though the combat might get nasty as the monkey falls on its back

Calling a truce: Eventually, the two little animals and their canine companion settle down for a peaceful evening in the beautiful setting

For a moment, it looks as though the rough and tumble might get nasty, but the young observers sigh with relief as the kitten lets the monkey go and it leaps off to the highest spot it can find.

Finally, the pretty outdoor scene is at peace and the three animals calmly wander around, licking their paws clean.

Some YouTube viewers observed that animal rights' activists could be concerned, but most were delighted by the video of the tiny adversaries.

'This is so cute and they are both having fun!' wrote one.
Another added: 'Critters tend to be loud and crazy when they fight. This is cute.'



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