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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Howlingly clever hounds: Two golden retrievers play a duet on a giant piano

By Ted Thornhill

Paws for thought: The two dogs are guided by their owner on an ocarina

Dogs are known for being clever animals, but two golden retrievers have upped the ante by learning how to play a duet on the piano.

The musical mutts enthusiastically play the Waltz Of The Flea on an over-sized keyboard – and a video of their performance has proved to be a huge hit on YouTube with over 130,000 hits.

The duetting dogs aren’t quite clever enough to play the piece on their own, though.


Big hit: Over 130,000 YouTube users have watched the video

Their owner plays an ocarina to guide them to the correct notes.

Hundreds of YouTube users have left glowing reviews of the video, with ‘david007max’ saying: ‘Bravo! Great job by your retrievers, they deserve a treat, so gifted.’

‘Ghostwhisperer2011’, meanwhile, said: ‘This cannot be possible! I want those two goldens!’

The Waltz of the Flea is a simple piano piece played all over the world – though its composer is unknown.



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