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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleeping like a log: The seven lemurs catching up on their beauty sleep in huddle at zoo

By Daily Mail Reporter

This long line of seven ring-tailed lemurs sits on a log as they catch up on some sleep.

The furry friends made sure they got the maximum amount of warmth by huddling together and wrapping themselves in their black and white tails.

Public transport manager Jonathan Chown took the photograph while on a visit to the zoo to celebrate his birthday with his wife and son.

Lemur alone - I'm trying to sleep! These sleeping lemurs were photographed at Colchester Zoo in Essex by public transport manager Jonathan Chown as he visited on a birthday treat

The 37-year-old stood and watched the animals for 10 minutes without seeing them move once.

Jonathan, from Milton Keynes, in Bucks, said: 'We were just strolling about looking at some of the exhibits and found these lemurs tucked away on a log.

'They sat there like statues and didn't move at all. They were all snoozing away and looked like a giant animal of some kind.

'It was quite a surreal sight - there were no other animals in the enclosure, they had all obviously decided to cozy up together.

'Thankfully, I take my camera wherever I go and happily snapped away - it looked like they had been glued together.'

Jonathan, who took the photos at Colchester Zoo, in Essex, added: 'We were really lucky to see something like this and made my birthday even better.'



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