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Monday, September 26, 2011

And in the arrivals lounge... foal for pony who shot to fame trying to board train

By Chris Parsons

New arrival: Ruby and her new owner Michelle Crowther pose with the mare's new foal

She was the mare who became a worldwide sensation after trying to board a train, as well as walking into a hospital and a pub.

But now Ruby, who was taken into care amid fears for her health, has had her own new arrival after giving birth to a bay and white foal.

The mare shot to fame when her previous owner, Irish traveller Joe Purcell, was captured on CCTV leading his horse on to a train platform in Wrexham in May.

Happy and healthy: The as-yet unnamed foal playfully gallops around her new surroundings in Wrexham

Now Ruby has a new owner after the RSPCA took her into care and, two weeks ago, the mare gave birth to a beautiful skewbald - or white, brown and black - colt.

Her owner, housewife Michelle Crowther, 43, said the youngster has yet to be given a name and added: 'At the moment he's really shy but it's Ruby's fault because she's very protective and keeps pushing him behind her and making noises as if to say "Be careful" but he's very attentive and well behaved.'

'He’s really pretty with a lot of white on him and has an interesting quirk in that one set of eyelashes are black and the other set are white.

'She’s a really, really good mother. She looks after him really well and has got him all organised. Ruby’s quite firm and bustling with him, but kind.

'She’s got him completely under control.'

Mother-of-three Michelle has not decided what to do with the colt but will keep the new arrival for the time being with husband Richard, 45, and the couple's three children at their home in Wrexham.

Caught on camera: The pony is led on to a train in Wrexham, Wales

Michelle added: 'It’s possible we could keep him and break him in and let him go out on loan to somebody that has children that wants to use him.

'He’s not going to end up terribly big. He’ll only be a pony and I think he’d make quite a nice child’s pony.'

The pony became an internet sensation after videos of her with her previous owner emerged on Youtube.

Thousands of fans joined a Facebook group called The Travelling Pony of Wrexham and a spoof Twitter account was also set up.

In June the mare was taken under the wing of Wrexham Council over fears the pony is not being looked after properly.

Unwell: A pregnant Ruby with her previous owner, traveller Joe Purcell

According to council officials she had been abandoned in a number of 'unsuitable' locations around the town including the hospital helipad and a nearby cemetery.

Mr Purcell signed Ruby over to Michelle after she was taken into care for her own safety.

The Irish traveller and small-time farmer, known locally as Highwayman Joe, had previously denied allegations of cruelty.

He bizarrely suggested that Ruby fulfilled the role of guide dog when he’d had a few too many to drink.



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