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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shhh... let sleeping dogs lie: The tiny puppies catching 40 winks

By Inderdeep Bains

Sleeping dogs lie: This cute pup fell asleep in a wicker basket

After a busy day spent trying to catch their own tail, the cat next door or the postman, sometimes there's nothing else a puppy wants to catch but 40 winks.

And as these pictures show, it really is a good thing to let sleeping dogs die.

Falling asleep on the job: Tired from making too many calls, this dog passed out on top of a mobile telephone

Every dog has its daydream: A miniature sofa provided the perfect napping space for this little pup

One pup curls up in a wicker basket, head on paws, while another cuddles up to a teddy bear.

Perhaps awaiting a call on the dog and bone, a white-furred fellow leans on its owner's mobile for a snooze.

Sleeping beauty: This dog can only nod off when he's cuddling up to his favourite teddy bear

Eyes wide shut: Balancing between his owner's legs, this dog shades himself from the light to get his good 40 winks

Another lies flat on its back with paws covering its eyes as if to shut out the light.

And yet another of the snaps on U.S. website Uphaa, which collects unusual photographs, shows a puppy enjoying a snooze on a miniature sofa, while there is even a whole litter sleeping in a conga line.

We all sleep together: This whole litter lie in a conga line grabbing some well earned rest after a busy day of chasing each other



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