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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hang on... lunch will be here soon: Bird does balancing trick to snare a snack

By Emily Allen

The bearded reedling male expertly straddles who reeds to catche a cranefly in shallow waters

This bearded reedling has found a clever way to catch its lunch, and have a drink to wash it down as well.

The reedling was photographed in the Netherlands clinging precariously to two stems in a bid to grab a passing snack.

A master of balance, the bird, also known as a bearded tit, was spotted by Dutch photographer Edwin Kats.

With his camera at the ready, he watched as the bird grabbed hold of two reed stems, positioning itself expertly over the water.

When a tasty cranefly flitted by the reedling was able to dip down and catch it in one swift move.

Mr Kats then watched as the bird took a sip of water from the reedbed to wash down its lunch.

Duck: This clever bird was spotted by Dutch photographer Edwin Kats looking out for a snack

He said: 'Reedbeds in Holland and in the UK are a natural habitat for these birds.

'These images were shot in a beautiful natural area of the Netherland called The Veluwe.

'I've been working with these birds for about four months and it took lots of effort to finally get the image which was already in my head long before the start of this project.'



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