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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nuts for the camera! Cheeky squirrel gets it's head stuck down the lens


Hide and squeak: A squirrel gets his head stuck in the lens hood of one of Tatyana Zherebtsova's cameras in Vernadsky Park, Simpferopol, Ukraine

This cheeky squirrel looks ready for his extreme close-up - after going nuts for the camera and getting his head stuck down the lens.

The bright-eyed, bushy-tailed scamp was playfully darting around a park before taking an interest in photographer Tatyana Zherebtsova and her family who were eating nuts.

And after chasing the tasty treats thrown his way and hiding them in a tree, he decided to investigate her camera.

I'm bushed: After extricating itself from the lens hood, the squirrel appears to be trying to lift the camera

But the inquisitive squirrel almost got more than he bargained for when he nearly got stuck in the hood of the lens after poking his head too far down it.

Tatyana, from Simferopol, southern Ukraine, said: 'I was in the park with my husband taking some shots of squirrels darting around the park as they were making us laugh.

'At the start we were just feeding them with nuts. We threw them quite near and it took the nuts and ran away to hide them in a tree.

'One of our cameras was in the same place where we had thrown some nuts while he was away hiding the others.

You've been framed: The inquisitive rodent takes a closer look at photographer Tatyana's camera

'When it got back it tried to find the nuts and when it couldn't it came across my camera.

'I think it was looking for the nuts in the camera and almost got stuck as he had his head in the lens for a long time - either that or he liked seeing his own reflection.'

Tatyana, who captured the moment in Vernadsky Park in Simpferopol, is a wedding photographer who enjoys taking pictures of wildlife in her spare time.

She added: 'I love to capture animals. When you photograph animals in the wild the main thing is always luck.'

source: allkpop


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