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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Micro pigs couldn't save my bacon: Britain's first mini breeder goes bankrupt after 'jealous rivals launched Facebook hate campaign'


No longer taking home the bacon: Ms Croft, with one of her micro pigs, has now been declared bankrupt after 'industrial espionage'

The UK's first micro pig breeder has been declared bankrupt after she claims a Facebook hate campaign by other breeders destroyed her business.

Jane Croft, 43, set up Little Pig Farm two years ago, selling her pint-sized porkers all over the world for up to £1,200 each, as animal lovers rushed to have one of the petite pets.

But after buying some full-size pigs mistakenly thinking they were micro breeds, and having to offer refunds to furious customers left with a huge animal, she became the victim of a vicious online campaign.

Pretty porkers: Some of the adorable oinking pigs turned into full-sized animals, and Ms Croft had to offer refunds to furious customers

She says her Little Pig Farm business in Christchurch, Cambridgeshire, was destroyed by the poisonous comments and was declared personally bankrupt at King's Lynn County Court in Norfolk on Friday.

The former investment banker initially enjoyed phenomenal success, appearing on numerous TV shows and rubbing shoulders with celebrities as many A-listers snapped up the adorable oinking animals.

Ms Croft's success was so great that published a best-selling book, This Little Piggy, and her website shows her with pop star Robbie Williams, TV stars Vanessa Feltz and Ricky Tomlinson and sporting heroes Andrew Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp.

Ms Croft said today her successful business had been destroyed by a hate campaign by other pig breeders on Facebook.

Pint-sized pets: After mistakenly buying the wrong breeds and selling them as micro pigs, many customers found themselves with massive animals instead of the tiny ones, pictured

Micro pigs, which weigh just 9oz when they are born, have become so popular over the last two years they are almost impossible to get hold of.

Victoria Beckham is said to have two pint-sized pigs and Paris Hilton, Katie Price and Charlotte Church are also fans.

Dannii Minogue and David Tenant were also recently photographed with micro pigs.
At two years old micro pigs are fully grown and weigh in around 40-65 pounds and are around knee height at 12-16 inches tall.

The pigs can live for up to 18 years, but make popular pets as they are low maintenance, quiet and surprisingly clean.

source: dailymail


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