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Thursday, September 8, 2011

How about a flipping lift then? Hitch-hiking seal wriggles onto country road miles from sea

By Daniel Miller

Wrong turn: A fur seal was discovered crawling onto a road in the Australian outback miles from sea

This lost seal was in desperate need of a lift home after ending up stranded on a back road in the Australian outback miles from the ocean.

Motorists gathered round as the fur seal wriggled out of bushland and flopped himself onto the tarmac bringing traffic to a halt near the small town of Naringal, near Melbourne in southern Australia.

Locals believe he got lost after swimming up a nearby river before taking a wrong turn and ending up in a shallow creek.

After crawling some distance onto the road the exhausted animal gave up and refused to budge.

Luckily rescuers managed to hoist him onto a horse trailer and he was driven over 15 miles to a boat ramp where he was due to be released yesterday.

Naringal resident Lawrence Hose told the The Warrnambool Standard newspaper: 'There were quite a few people who lined the road to look at this fat male fur seal.

'The next thing we knew he went under the fence and up onto the road.

'The seal finally decided to stay put in the middle of the road and he wouldn’t budge. It's very unusual, but there's always a first time.'

It's flipping hot here: The animal became stranded after swimming up a river near the small town of Naringal

Tail-back: The lost animal was hoisted onto a horse trailer and driven 15 miles to be released into the ocean



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