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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's a clever dog whose balancing act really takes the biscuit

By Wil Longbottom

Can I have one yet? The dog sits amazingly still as a pile of dog biscuits is constructed on his nose

With his hang dog look, you could be forgiven for thinking this poor mutt is desperate for some lunch.

And with a pile of dog biscuits balanced precariously on his nose, it looks like pure torture for the poor pooch.

But this well-behaved pet, from the U.S., has been specially trained to pose near motionless as stacks of his favourite snack are perched on top of him.

The tantalising treats are placed one-by-one on top of his nose, or balanced on one biscuit from his no-doubt salivating mouth as he waits patiently.

He is able to remain so still that his owner's boyfriend, Andrew Bollom, is able to place biscuits on the bottom of his outstretched paws as he lies on his back.

Performing pooch: The dog, from the U.S., has been trained to lie still as biscuits are even balanced on his upside-down paws

That's ruff: Despite his close proximity to food, the dog doesn't go for the biscuits until he is directed to, and even then he only gets three

Fortunately, it's not all a lesson in resisting temptation as the dog is allowed to eat three of the biscuits when he completes one of his tricks.

Two videos of his exploits have received thousands of hits after they were posted on YouTube last week.



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