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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

beluga whale's favourite trick? Blowing bubbles that look like a halo

By Daily Mail Reporter

Blowing bubbles: This beluga whale was captured creating a halo effect by photographer Hiroya Minakuchi at the Shimane aquarium in Japan

This whale has become a sensation at an aquarium after learning how to blow halo-shaped bubbles.

The 10-year-old beluga has perfected the technique over the last three years and now stuns visitors with her unique talent.

She uses her mouth to blow the water to make a current, then her blow hole to break the current into a ring shape.

The extraordinary spectacle was captured on camera by photographer Hiroya Minakuchi at the Shimane aquarium in Japan

The 58-year-old, from Osaka, is the only person outside the aquarium who is allowed to dive with the belugas.

He said: 'This beluga started making bubble rings when she was seven. And a couple of years ago she developed her technique.

'Now she blows the water from her mouth to make a current, which is not visible for us underwater. She then blows air from her blow hole into the current and that makes a ring shape.

'I believe it is just a lot of fun for her. Since she developed this new game she often performs it for visitors.' He added: 'I am the only person outside of the aquarium who can dive with the belugas so this kind of photograph is very rare.'



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