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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Albino squirrel goes nuts for its own reflection


You're a bit of all-white: The rare albino squirrel loves to admire herself in the mirror

This albino squirrel clearly thinks she's the fairest of them all after rescue-centre staff named her Snow White and placed a mirror in her enclosure.

The plucky critter was saved from certain death after being attacked by two grey squirrels who wanted to banish her from their woodland.

She was taken to the Hart Wildlife Rescue near Alton in Hampshire where staff named her Snow White after unusual appearance.

Give me a hug: Snow White has been nursed back to health after being attacked by a pair of vicious grey squirrels

Caragh Hunter, Senior Clinical Assistant at the centre said: 'She had blood coming from her nose and was in a very poor way when she came in.

'We put a small mirror in her cage so we could keep an eye on her wherever she was hiding.

'She began looking in it almost straight away. After three days on painkillers and antibiotics she was right as rain.

Double take: Snow White poses up in front of her mirror as she waits to be sent to a squirrel sanctuary

'We have now moved her to a larger enclosure and given her a bigger mirror. She just loves looking at herself in it.

'I'm sure she's asking the mirror 'who is the fairest of them all?

'In the fairy tale, Snow White marries her prince and becomes the new Queen - she's certainly become queen of hart.

'Albinos don't have very good eyesight - and are often picked on by others in the wild.

'She's been with us for a few weeks now and will soon be off to a squirrel sanctuary where she'll be able to spend the rest of her days in safety.'

Bright-red eyed and bushy tailed: Albino squirrels suffer from poor vision and are often picked on in the wild

source: dailymail


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