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Monday, September 26, 2011

The horrific moment a puppy was repeatedly hurled into the sea... before being rescued by a swimmer and given a new home

By Mike O'brien

Death wish: The unwanted puppy is hurled into the sea by a young man in Xiamen in China

In an act of appalling cruelty, a depraved young man hurls a defenceless, unwanted puppy into the sea.

The dazed puppy made it back to the shore whereupon the man threw it back in the water in Xiamen, in southern China's Fujian Province.

The sickening scene was captured by a passer-by strolling along the beach.

As the puppy kept coming back, the man, believed to be in his 20s, repeatedly hurled it back into the water.

Other people on the beach screamed at him to stop, but he ignored their pleas.

Eventually the puppy, by now exhausted, lost the strength to make it back to the beach and struglled on to a rock.

Dazed and exhausted: After making it back to the beach, only to be thrown again, the puppy struggles on to a rock

Rescued: The young man has left the scene and a swimmer picks up the dog before taking it to the beach

The man left the beach and the puppy was rescued by a swimmer.

He gave it a young woman who witnesses the sickening abuse.

One witness, Mr Wang, said: 'I thought the man had come to the beach for a walk with his pet dog, but what he did next surprised all of us.

'He held the little dog, leaned backward and threw the puppy out into the sea.

The terror is over: The puppy's new owner shows it to her friend

Let's go home: The woman promised the little dog would have a happy life

'The puppy was very small, it was around eight inches long.
'It landed about 20-30 yards away in the water.'

Mr Wang said he was stunned as the man threw the puppy into the sea five times, ignoring attempts by people around him to make him stop.

'That man was very cruel. He kept throwing the puppy into the water.'

The puppy's new owner promised to give the helpless animal a good home.

Sadly, the man who carried out the cruelty will probably go unpunished.



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