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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The snake escape: Screaming frog hops to safety after 20 minute struggle with serpent


Fight for survival: The frog holds on for dear life as the snake tries her best to wolf him down

When this snake fancied frog's legs for tea, he didn't reckon on a lengthy struggle with an amphibian who refused to let himself become a fast food snack.

These pictures show how a hardy frog battled with the ravenous reptile for 20 minutes before finally kicking himself free and hopping to safety.

The frog, who had been sunning himself in a back garden in Indonesia, grabbed hold of a branch and held on for dear life after the snake pounced from behind.

Survival of the fittest: Although the snake managed to almost entirely swallow one of the frog's legs, the tenacious amphibian still managed to escape

It seemed the frog's fate was sealed when the red, yellow and black snake wrapped her mouth around his leg and clamped down.

But he somehow broke free and hopped away - bloodied and bruised.

The snake, her fast-food fancy foiled, slunk back into the bushes.

Alerted by the frog's terrified scream, photographer Brizadly Arifin captured this attack in his back garden in Jakarta.

source: dailymail


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