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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pay for your bag AND help good causes: Simple plan to cut plastic and raise £50m


Victim: Sea turtles are among the endangered species killed by plastic bags

It is a beautifully simple plan in which everyone wins.

Shoppers are charged 5p each for plastic bags, raising £50million a year for charities and cutting the number of bags issued by 90 per cent.

Sadly, at the moment it is only going to happen in Wales. The scheme will be introduced on October 1 with the backing of all political parties.

Danger: A Pacific Green Turtle suffocating on a plastic bag after mistaking it for a jellyfish

The Government has been urged to roll out the idea across Britain and provide a lifeline for thousands of charities whose existence is threatened by savage funding cuts.

James Allen of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, which represents 8,500 charities, said: ‘We know that plastic bags create unnecessary waste.

Banish the bags: The Daily Mail's 'Banish the Bags' campaign, launched in 2008, has been pushing for efforts to tackle the waste

source: dailymail


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