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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playfighting pals Cameron and Zabu enjoy friendship that wouldn't be possible in the wild - as they hail from different continents


Play-fighting predators: They might be ferocious enemies if they ever met in the wild, but these big cats seem to be the best of friends as they wrestle at an animal rescue centre

Here's something you don't see every day. These majestic and powerful big cats enjoying each others' company and indulging in a spot of play-fighting.

However, a meeting between two such ferocious predators would have been impossible in the wild as these two lethal animals hail from different continents.

Ferocious fighters... but it's only a game: Lion Cameron and white tiger Zabu are aptly-nicknamed The Odd Couple by their carers at Big Cat Rescue in Florida

Cameron the lion and Zabu the white tiger, now spend most of the day play-fighting, eating and relaxing.

The feline duo - aptly nicknamed The Odd Couple by their caretakers at Big Cat Rescue in Florida - were rescued from a roadside zoo around eight years ago.

It is thought that the big cats, both 11, were to be bred to produce Ligers, a hybrid big cat which would never have come into being in the wild.

Companions: The feline duo were rescued from a roadside zoo eight years ago

'We built an extra large cat-a-tat for them to share since they are truly bonded as a couple.

'Cameron received a vasectomy and Zabu later was spayed in order to assure that no breeding of any kind could occur.

'Reuniting them after their time apart during surgery was a special moment and they are now very happy and very popular residents of our sanctuary.'

Contrary to their easy life at the rescue centre, both Cameron and Zabu had a less auspicious start to life, touring the United States as part of a roadside zoo.

It's a hard life: The big cats laze in the shade, taking a break from their busy schedule of play-fighting, eating and sleeping

Jeff said that prior to Cameron's rescue, the magnificent lion had lost over 200 pounds due to starvation, and the first thing Zabu did when she arrived at the centre was scrub her dirty fur on the walls of her pool.

However, thanks to the skill and expertise of the rescue team both creatures were able fight back to fitness.

Jeff said: 'While Cameron tries to sleep most of the day away - as lions do in the wild - Zabu is extremely energetic and is always pestering him to play.

'She'll often give up on him and just run and jump and play with her big red Planet Ball.

'Of course, that's after she's tired of playfully stalking her keepers or trying to spray the groups of visitors that stop by everyday. She's a mischievous girl!'

source: dailymail


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