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Friday, August 19, 2011

Giggles or yawns? These orangutans surely seem to be sharing a jolly jungle j-ape...


Nice one mum: An orangutan mother and her one-year-old child seem to be sharing a hilarious joke. But photographer Thomas Marent says they are actually yawning

Three orangutans walk into a bar...

This heart-warming image shows two of Indonesia's tree-dwelling residents seemingly sharing the greatest joke on earth.

With their mouths wide open and their eyes squeezed tight, they seem to be having a fantastic time, and it makes anyone not in on the gag feel sorry for missing the punchline.

Now for my Woody Allen impression: The little one seems to have calmed down after hanging out with his mother, and appears to be in a more reflective mood

If it was a joke the two were sharing, it's a good bet that it wasn't one of those uncharitable anti-ginger ones doing the rounds.

But the photograph - taken by Thomas Marent in Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia - is not as fun-filled as it seems.

Marent, 44, from Baden, Switzerland, said: 'The baby was playing for quite some time on the tree right above the mother's head

'All of a sudden they both yawned at the same time and I was lucky enough to be able to take a picture of them.

'People think it looks really funny because it seems as if the pair are laughing. But it seems yawning is contagious for orangutans too.'

Or perhaps they just didn't let Mr Marent in on their little joke.

source: dailymail


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