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Monday, August 22, 2011

Now that's cool! Skillful orangutan captured on video wiping face with wet towel to beat the heat

By John Stevens

They are known as the 'people of the forest' and from this video it is clear to see why.

Wiping its face with a wet towel, this orangutan knows exactly how to beat the hot weather.

Sitting on the grass in a Tokyo zoo, the clever ape plunges the towel into a pool of water.

Scroll down for video

Skilled: The orangutan wipes its face with a wet towel at the zoo in Tokyo

It then takes it out and wrings it in its hands with unbelievably human like mannerisms.

Dabbing itself with the refreshing towel, the orangutan seems to be enjoying its ingenious way of keeping cool.

When the orangutan refuses to share the wet towel with a smaller ape, the youngster tries using its hands to splash the water on itself.

But from its persistent attempts to get the towel, it seems it knows that it is nowhere near as effective.

Taking a dip: The ape pops the towel into some water

Uncanny: The animal has mannerisms just like a human as it wrings out the towel

What about me? A smaller orangutan decides that it wants to join in

The ape wowed delighted visitors at the zoo in Japan and now it is entertaining animal lovers around the globe after it became a YouTube hit.

Over 123,000 people have now logged on to watch the video since it was posted just a week ago.

One cheeky commenter wrote on the video: 'This short clip is better than the whole of that new Planet of the Apes [movie].'

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