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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meet my new pri-mate: The adorable baby monkey and his lookalike soft toy

By Alanah Eriksen

These photos prove that even baby monkeys can't get by without their favourite toy.

And this 15-day-old mandrill happened to find one that was the spitting image of him.
The male primate has grown attached to the worn yellow soft toy at Yageer Zoo in Ningbo, China.

He can be seen wrapping his arms around it and crossing his fingers with the dexterity of a human.

Lookalikes: This baby mandrill, an animal closely related to baboons, snuggles up to a monkey soft toy at the Yageer Zoo in Ningbo, China

The monkey even curls up in a ball and sucks his thumb.

And just like a baby, he's fed milk by breeders breeders - although powdered.

This mandrill will develop a red stripe down the middle of its muzzle with protruding blue ridges on the sides.

Cute: The mandrill was born on August 5 and lives on powdered milk fed by breeders at the zoo

Multi-coloured: Mandrills are closely related to baboons and will grow up to sport a blue, pink and purple anus

It will also sport red nostrils and lips and a yellow beard with white tufts.

Mandrills, closely related to baboons, are thought to be the most colourful primate. They have a distinctive pink, blue and purple-coloured backside.

Charles Darwin wrote: 'No other member in the whole class of mammals is coloured in so extraordinary a manner as the adult male mandrills'.

Mandrills are the largest monkey - growing up to 36inches - and live in large groups called hordes which can average more than 800 monkeys.

Big family: Mandrills live in large groups called hordes which can average more than 800 monkeys



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