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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'Mouse' the celebrated serial-killer bull claims a third victim (which can only be good for business)

By Daily Mail Reporter

A killer bull has claimed another victim after fatally goring a 29-year-old man during festivities in Spain’s eastern Valencia region.

The man, whose name was not released, died at a hospital in the town of Xativa late Saturday, a regional government official said.

The 500-kilogram bull - named ‘Raton’, which means mouse - has killed two other members of the public during festivals over 10 years.


Onslaught: Raton charges at the man and throws him in the air

The bull mercilessly gores the man as he lays helplessly on the ground

Men frantically distract the animal so that the injured member of public can be moved out of the ring

Because of Raton’s fearsome reputation, his owners reportedly earn 10,000 euros (£8,800) each time he appears at a festival.

‘He’s the one that gets the highest prices,’ owner Gregorio de Jesus said of Raton last year. ‘But still he works out the cheapest because wherever he goes organisers double the ticket price - from six (euros) (£5.20) to 12.’

Television images showed the man being tossed in the air and then hit along the ground in Xativa’s bullring.

In Spain, many summer festivals highlight bull runs in streets or bullrings, where revelers can come close to the fearsome beasts.

Witness accounts cited by Valencia’s Las Provincias newspaper Sunday said the man appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and had been escorted back to his seat in the stands during the bull run immediately before Raton’s appearance.

He then made his way back down to the ring and was charged and tossed powerfully by the large black-and-white bull.

He died of a heart attack, according to reports, and officials have now launched an investigation into the incident.

The death follows the fatal goring of a man at a festival in Rafelbunyol, recently.

Vicente H.R was attacked after goading a bull with a pink umbrella.

A witness said: 'The animal turned around and went for him. The man swerved out of the way but after that he couldn't get away. He fell to the ground and was attacked.'

The animal had been released from the pen into a 12ft wide street as part of the Bous al Carrer (Bulls in the Street) festival.

Last year 486 people were wounded by bulls during festivals in the
Valencia region. A quarter of them were foreigners.




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