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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brush with the wild: Hilarious animal photos show it's not just humans who have bad hair days

By Emma Reynolds Fur ball: This Pekingese - or 'lion dog' - sports such a fluffy hairdo that only its face is visible These hilarious pictures of flyaway fur and mohican-style manes show just what happens when animals have a bad hair day. From alpacas to beaded pigs, these bedraggled creatures are in bad need of a makeover. But without a hairbrush or bottle of spray to tame their frizzy locks, they are forced to stick with the natural look. Blonde ambition: An alpaca shows off soft tufts of fair hair while a bearded pig's locks look more like straw Just bananas: This leaf monkey nails two trends in one with its stripy Mohawk Ginger nuts: A bedraggled lion and an alpaca show it's not just an unusual colour that causes problems The laugh-out-loud pictures of some seriously wild hairstyles have been taken by photographers across the world. They include a lion with a mane that looks as though it has been fashioned into a fin, and a Hooded Merganser duck with a quackers quiff. A leaf monkey also sports an impressive mohican, while a seriously spiky porcupine poses among the trees in North America. The collection also features a chicken with a barmy bouffant and an alpaca with artful tufts surrounding his pointy ears. Give us a wave: A Bornean Orangutan looks terribly glum about his squashed and hairy face Flash feathers: A Victoria Crowned Pigeon and chicken vie to pull off the craziest hairdo Quackers quiff: A Hooded Merganser duck tries to look calm, but his out-of-control barnet betrays him Ruff day? A Portuguese Water Dog and Sky Terrier look in bad need of a trim In a flap: This Rockhopper penguin has good reason to be embarrassed by his wacky appearance Spiky attitude: A North American porcupine competes with a cousin to claim the most unwelcoming quills Several birds appear to have had their feathers ruffled, proving that it's not just fur that gets in a tangle. A long-haired Portuguese water dog and a sky terrier do not even seem able to see with their flowing tresses hanging over their faces. But at least they are not in quite as bad a state as one Chinese Crested dog, who is bald except for a few strands of white on top of his head. And as if the species did not already look silly enough, a Rockhopper penguin manages to get in more of a flap than the characters in popular film Happy Feet with the ultimate disastrous do. Barking up the wrong tree: This Chinese Crested dog is obviously woebegone over his few wispy white strands I know how you feel: Another Chinese Crested dog, with a equally wacky set of curtains framing his sorrowful face Digging its claws in: A common Marmoset displays a very unusual white and black arrangement source:dailymail


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