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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is that a baa-cket on your head? Bungling sheep tries to get every last grain from its food container


Feeling a bit sheepish: This woolly headed sheep got his head stuck in its feed bucket in a field near Berwick Upon Tweed, Scotland

This woolly wally probably felt rather sheepish... after getting a feed bucket stuck on his head.

The bungling animal ended up in the sticky situation as he tried to gobble up every last grain of food left in the container.

As he tilted the bucket up, the handle came down behind his head, wedging it firmly in place.

Photographer Phil McLean took the amusing snap as he passed this field near Berwick Upon Tweed, Scotland.

The 55-year-old, from Chirnside, said: ‘I had been looking for wildlife to photograph from my car when I spotted this sheep.

‘I can only assume that, in its eagerness to get the last drop of food, it tilted the bucket too much and the handle got stuck behind its head.

‘I watched it for a little while and it didn't seem too bothered.

‘There was a farmer on a quad bike in the field so I'm sure he would have come to the rescue.’

He added: ‘I thought this scene was a little different and would probably raise a smile on people's faces.’

source: dailymail


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