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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazing images of the moment a brown bear fell asleep while trying to fish for dinner

By Daily Mail Reporter

This bear got so tired of trying catch a salmon that he fell ASLEEP in the middle of a rapidly flowing river.

The confounded carnivore became so bored he slumped down onto his front on the edge of a mini-waterfall, using his paws as a pillow.

And despite his best efforts the huge creature left empty-handed - and probably hungry.

A brown bear takes a nap at the edge of a waterfall in Katmai National Park, Alaska

World-renowned wildlife photographer Marsel van Oosten captured the amazing moment the brown bear succumbed to a power nap after a long day's fishing at Katmai National Park in southern Alaska.

He said: "Even when the rivers are full of salmon, it still takes considerable skill and patience to catch one. And some bears are better at it than others.

'This bear was standing at the same spot for hours in a row and didn't catch a single thing.

'Eventually he got tired of it and decided to take a nap.

'This was the perfect moment for me to use a longer shutter speed to add some motion blur to the water to emphasize the passing of time and to strengthen the tranquil mood of the scene.'

Bored bear: The giant carnivore is unable to stifle a yawn after several hours in which it failed to catch any fish



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