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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'I was clenching everything': Terrifying moment a snake slithered up windscreen as SUV sped along highway at 65mph

By Fiona Roberts

It's a miracle the driver managed not to crash - let alone keep in a straight line.

A snake terrified a young mother when it suddenly appeared on her SUV's windscreen after slithering out of the engine as she drove along an expressway into Memphis, Tennessee.

Rachel Fisher said she's not usually scared by snakes but she 'was clenching everything' as she drove at 65mph with the unusual hitchhiker on board - and her three young children in the back.

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Terror: The huge snake suddenly appears on Rachel Fisher's windscreen as she speeds along the expressway towards Memphis, Tennessee

As she screamed and giggled hysterically, her husband recorded the incident on his camera phone and then posted the video on YouTube, where it has gone viral in just three days.

It happened last week as Mrs Fisher drove her husband, Tony, and their three children Elizabeth, three, Judah, two and Rivers, four months, back to Memphis after visiting her parents in Cordova.

She had been driving for about 15 minutes when her husband suddenly yelled out.

Mrs Fisher told the New York Daily News: 'My husband saw it out of the corner of his eye and did a double-take.

Hitching a ride: The snake slithers along the windscreen

Unwelcome guest: The snake rears up towards the couple as it clings on to their SUV for almost three minutes

'He whipped out his phone and turns it on and captures the whole thing until it falls off.'

The creature spent almost three minutes slithering over the windshield, curling out in front of the car and twisting over the wing mirrors.

Not knowing what to do, Mrs Fisher kept on driving - and trying to stay in a straight line.

She said: 'Usually, snakes don't freak me out that much, but I was clenching everything,

Frightening: The snake winds itself over the wing mirror...

...and then opens its jaws as if ready to strike

'It was really weird. I mean, didn't know what the heck it was. We just knew it was a huge snake and the kids were the in back.'

After two or three minutes, and with nothing to hold on to, the snake fell off. The couple believe it had crawled up in their engine the night before when they were parked in a wooded area, and slithered out when it got too hot.

They made it home without any more drama, and Mr Fisher posted the video on YouTube, where it has so far had more than 26,000 views.



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