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Monday, August 1, 2011

Botox for dogs? The goofy toy that brings a huge smile to your pooch's lips

By Anna Edwards

Barking mad for it: This pooch looks thrilled with his new toy

Most dogs are simply content to fetch a stick if thrown one.

So this squeaky plaything is sure to bring a goofy smile to any pooch's face.

The novelty plush dog lips, made by pet product business Ancol, is guaranteed to give even the grumpiest dog the cheesiest grin.

One cheesy grin: This dog can't help but beam from ear to ear with his new plaything

In fact, it's almost certain they'll be grinning from ear to ear once they got this soft toy clamped between their chops.

With its oversized lips and huge teeth, any dog would be barking mad not to enjoy it.

Even lazy pets might be given a new leash of life once they pucker up and get their teeth into it.

And any owner would be thrilled to play with their pet if it meant seeing their mutt beam back at them.

The unusual toy is 16cm long, made from plush material and retails for around £3.50.

Open wide! With the plush toy clamped firmly in its jaws, this dog has got the biggest grin



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