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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Give us a cuddle: Furry friends enjoy a team hug after hard day's lazing around


Bear hug: Koalas snuggle up to each other at the Lone Pine Conservation Park in Queensland, Australia. Koalas are endangered due to a decline in their natural habitat

Holding tightly on to each other's thick soft fur, these adorable Koala bears look perfectly posed for a family photo.

The marsupials were spotted cuddling up together at the Lone Pine Conservation Park in Queensland, Australia.

Koalas usually sleep for up to 16 hours a day in trees, and only come down for food, so it was a lucky chance that this heartwarming scene was caught on camera.

They live on eucalyptus leaves and have become endangered due to damage to their natural habitat and the decline of food availability - it is thought that there are less than 80,000 left in the wild.

Koalas are currently listed as a priority for conservation by the Australian government and breeding programmes are encouraged - particularly as the animals are only able to produce one baby, known as a joey, each year.

The Lone Pine Conservation Park is officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest koala park in the world, with more than 130 koalas, and is helping to ensure the survival of the animals.

source: dailymail


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