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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Emergency haircut for sheepdog Floyd sees him lose TWO STONE of matted hair

By Emily Allen

Neglect: Emma Midgley with Floyd, the Old English Sheepdog, when he arrived at an animal charity after suffering severe neglect. He struggled to see, hear and go to the toilet

A rescued dog can finally see again after he was so severely neglected he became trapped in a filthy ball of his own matted hair - weighing two stone.

Floyd, an Old English Sheepdog, was picked up by an animal charity after he was bundled out of a van and left tied up with a piece of string on the street.

His dirty hair was so long and matted that he struggled to see, hear or go to the toilet and his claw-like nails made it painful for him to walk.

But he is now recovering after vets performed a two hour operation to shave off two stone of matted hair and clip his two-inch long nails.

Wendy Kruger, from Wood Green, the animal charity which rescued Floyd, said whoever was responsible for his condition were 'criminal'.

She said: 'We were all extremely shocked and distressed at Floyd's condition. It is the worst case of animal neglect the charity has ever seen.

'Our main priority was to make him as comfortable as possible while we tried to treat his many ailments.

'When he first came in he was understandably frightened and wary of people. He couldn't see, hear, go to the toilet or walk properly.

'Now he has had his hair cut he has got his senses back and is rediscovering the world.

'He is 10 years-old and we don't think he has ever been groomed in his life.

On the mend: Floyd trimmed of two stone of fur and on the road to recovery. He also had his two inch long nails clipped

'Unfortunately, this means his hair and skin is so damaged that we don't believe his coat will recover and grow back.

'But it is very cheering to see him growing in confidence. He is becoming increasingly friendly and has started wagging his tail.

'He is showing good signs of recovery but it's going to take time.

'This is just the first stage of his recovery, Floyd will need extensive treatment to bring him back to full health so he can live out his retirement years.

'To allow an animal to reach this state of neglect is criminal.'

Floyd was spotted by a member of the public being hauled out of a dark coloured vehicle and tied up in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire on Saturday.

The old English sheepdog, who is approximately 10 years-old, needed emergency treatment to remove his matted hair, as well as cysts and grass seeds.

He will need further dental, ear, eye and skin treatment but is making a good recovery at the animal charity.



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