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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nuts for the camera! The vain squirrel who loves posing for a picture

By Daily Mail Reporter

Up close and personal: The squirrel takes a peek at the camera lens

They normally tend to keep clear of humans, only venturing near if there is a promise of food.

But this vain squirrel clearly had no qualms about getting up close and personal, as it seemed intent on having its picture taken.

The preening rodent was quite content to be snapped, while it struck a number of poses so the camera could capture its best side.

Ready for its close up: The inquisitive squirrel was enthralled by the snapping camera

Strike a pose: The rodent pulled a variety of shapes, but refused to let go of its precious nut

With its bright eyes and bushy tail the friendly squirrel was happy to be snapped in Kelsey Park in Beckenham, South London.

And while some animals are a little camera shy, this one was even happy to be papped while it chomped away on nuts.

It peered inquisitively at the lens, but refused to relinquish its precious nut.
Grey squirrels are notorious for displacing red squirrels in European woodlands.

Does my tail look big in this? The very friendly squirrel was happy to be photographed in such close contact with humans

Make sure you get my best side! The squirrel does a turn before springing off

But they aren't aggressive to native UK red squirrels, they're just bigger and bolder, as this cheeky chappy clearly demonstrates.

They have become increasingly tame as they come into contact with humans on a more regular basis in parks and gardens.

They out-compete the native reds for food, feeding more at ground level and being able to digest acorns, which their fellow reds can't.



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