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Friday, July 29, 2011

The incredible puppy who fakes death for his canine pal

By Daily Mail Reporter

Scroll down for video

Playfighting: the little female dog Rosie takes a nip to the neck from her male companion

It turns out pretening to be dead isn't just an fun trick for human children - but little pooches as well.

A cute pup Rosie scares her doggy friend when, after a little nip to the neck, she plays dead.

Still, it has already attracted hundreds of Youtube hits after only being uploaded in the past 24 hours.

Oh dear me: reacting the pup feigns severe injury, falling to the ground

Such play - so reminiscent of that of young children - makes one think of about just how much DNA we share with our canine friends.

Experts say young dogs play to build up their own survival skills and is an important part of their development.

Dogs in the wild have to hunt and to protect themselves and these skills can be seen as early as puppyhood through play.

Although domesticated dogs will never have to hunt for their own food, such play is rooted in their inborn animal instincts.

The person who uploaded the video commented that apparently this kind of attention seeking isn't unusual for the dog.

I'm dead: Here she lies for a few seconds, arousing worry from her companion. The style of play is very reminiscent of the way young children play

Tricked ya: After she makes her point heard, up she trots, playing again



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