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Friday, July 29, 2011

Bandit bird: The shoplifting seagull that is so prolific one bakery has hired a BOUNCER

By Daily Mail Reporter

Sneaking in: Grenville steals from the Upper Crust bakery up to three times a day

Usually only shops in the roughest areas have to hire bouncers to ward off thieves.

But a bakery in the seaside resort of Newquay in Cornwall has had to take this drastic measure to tackle a shoplifter who visits three times a day.

However, no security measures have yet been enough to stop this persistent thief - Grenville the seagull.

The cheeky bird waits at the door of the Upper Crust bakery and hops behind the counter to grab pasties, sausage rolls and sweets which it drags outside.

It has a particular taste for crisps and has been known to scoff entire chocolate bars in one sitting.

Worker Martine Hawkes said: 'It's getting ridiculous. He paces up and down all morning until our backs are turned or the shop is empty before walking in bold as brass and helping himself.

Caught red-beaked: Granville's favourite food is crisps, but he is also partial to pasties and chocolate

'It was quite amusing at first but it's become a bit of a pain as he's stealing quite a bit of stock. He's gone for everything, including pasties, and we've even seen him eat a whole Crunchie bar one day.

'There's nothing we can do. We've tried shooing him out, hiding the stock, even putting up plastic barriers but he always finds a way.

'We know it's the same bird as he has a distinctive red eyebrow, which we think must be dye of some sort. Grenville's become quite a celebrity, with shoppers regularly coming in to take pictures.'

Hungry: Granville open packaging with his beak and eats his ill-gotten gains in front of the shop

The bird has been targeting the shop for over three months, and visits up to three times every day.

Staff reckon he has cost them hundreds of pounds by walking out with a bag of crisps, sweets or pasties before brazenly tucking into them in the street.

The shop has now tasked one member of staff with patrolling the front door at all times.

Shop assistant Ammii Downing added: 'He is a lovely seagull and it was funny to start with, but it's starting to get irritating.

'It's costing the shop a fortune.'

Persistent: Even installing a bouncer hasn't deterred the shoplifter



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