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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There's something fishy about this dolphin...


Shoal of sardines adopt a cunning disguise as they swim in the formation of a dolphin

Enormous shoal of sardines adopts remarkable disguise

These cunning sardines have used some imagination to frighten off potential predators.

Grouping together for safety out of instinct, they have adopted the shape of what might pass for a dolphin 80 feet below the surface in Cebu in the Philippines.

The shoal was spotted by photographer Steve De Neef, 29, who captured the remarkable moment.

He said: 'The shoal starts at the surface and goes down to about 30 metres.

'There are sardines as far as you can see and there must be thousands of them. If you get inside the shoal they even block out the light.

'Getting the picture of the dolphin shape was just about being in the right spot at the right time.

'As soon as I took it I noticed how organised the school looked. It is amazing to see the shoal move together but I'd never seen such an unusual shape.

'Fish are known to stick together like this for protection, the shoaling makes it less likely that each individual will be eaten

'It also makes it more likely that they will spot the predators.' Steve, from Negros Oriental, Philippines, added: 'Seeing these sardines perform their ballet is mesmerising.

'When you're inside the shoal everything spins, it's truly incredible the way they move as one big fish.

'Whenever I look at the picture I wonder if they used this particular shape for any reason.

'I'm pretty sure its just a coincidence but it would be to their benefit if they could imitate a larger animal.'

source: dailymail


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